Realbook Limburg Volume 1

the Limburg Real Book Volume 1

A Real Book conserves, curates and presents compositions from a jazz scene that deserve wider recognition. This makes it a ‘living work’, with parts added every year. Real books have been around almost as long as jazz itself, making the Limburg Real Book the perfect tool to: Promote Limburg jazz throughout the Netherlands, Europe and beyond Provide access to previously inaccessible or unknown works to future generations of jazz musicians. Document the unique musical heritage of the province and keep this music alive. To enrich the curriculum of musical education in the province. To stimulate the production of new works by Limburg musicians.
Available now! The Real Book Limburg Edition Volume I is available in the following versions: -Volume 1: Bb -Volume 1: C -Volume 1: C Bass Clef -Volume 1: Eb For order through our partner or free for download via website of Jazz Maastricht!